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There once was a belief that as old age approached, the eagle's eye would grow dim, and the eagle would then fly so near the sun that it would become scorched. It would then seek out a pure water source and dip itself three times into the clear water and its youth would be destroyed. It reflects several needs for those who have eagle as a animal totem:

**Being involved with creativity.

**Three is the number of new birth and creativity.

**A willingness to experience extremes in a controlled condition
and thus facilitate the alchemical process within your life.

**A willingness to use your passions to purify (flying into the sun)
and to use your abilities even if it means being scorched a little.

**A willingness to seek out the true emotional aspects of oneself
and immerse yourself within them, and by doing so
rediscover the lost child and awaken a higher sense of
purity, passion, creativity, healing, and spirituality.

Photography, Digital Art, Computer Graphics, Poetry, Giftshop, New Age, Psychic Readings, Self-Help Topics

The Spiritual And Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small

We hope as you visit our site that you will see that we have tried to bring alive the meaning of the Eagle totem through the graphics, photography, inspirational poetry, words of reflections, and psychic impressions. Along the way we hope that you too rediscover your inner child, and see the interconnectedness of mind, body, and soul.

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