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Research Summary. Using public government and company data along with information from thousands of job postings, our Zippia data experts have identified a variety of high-earning positions and their average annual salaries. Using that data set, our data scientsts have produced salary estimates for many of the jobs at CVS Health.

Here is a quick overview of our findings for the highest-paying jobs at CVS Health:

  • Staff Pharmacist is the highest-paying job at CVS Health with an average salary of $117,179 and an average hourly rate of $56.34.

  • The second highest-paying job at CVS Health is photo laboratory technician, with an average salary of $100,189.

  • The average annual salary at CVS Health is $45,310 per year, and the average hourly pay is $21.78.

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Sometimes people know which company they want to work for before they know exactly what job they want to do. If you’d like to work for CVS Health, it helps to have an idea of the highest-paid positions that the company offers. That way, you can see if it’s worth applying.

So, how much do CVS Health employees make? As with any company, CVS Health employees’ salaries can fluctuate depending on their role, level of experience, and geographic location, but there are a few standout jobs that tend to pay more than the rest, on average. Here are some of the top salaries at CVS Health:

  1. Staff Pharmacist$117,179

  2. Photo Laboratory Technician$100,189

  3. Photo Technologist$100,188

  4. Pharmacy Internship$82,700

  5. Assistant Manager$55,699

Below is a full table of the jobs at CVS Health that pay the most followed by a more detailed explanation of our methodology.

Highest Paying Jobs At CVS Health

RankJob TitleAverage Salary
1Staff Pharmacist$117,179
2Photo Laboratory Technician$100,189
3Photo Technologist$100,188
4Pharmacy Internship$82,700
5Assistant Manager$55,699
6Store Manager$47,809
7Pharmacist Technician$37,111
8Shift Supervisor$36,663
9Customer Care Representative$35,907
10Technician, Inventory Specialist$35,340
11Sales Associate$35,336
12Order Selector$35,310
14Customer Service Representative$33,071
15Service Associate$32,829


Zippia uses publicly published information from government sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Foreign Labor Certification Data Center (FLC), and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to create its salary estimates.

Our data science team also checks job postings and company-published resources for additional up-to-date salary information.

Once they’ve gathered the data, the team calculates a weighted average for each job title they’re estimating a salary for. For more details on our salary estimates, you can see a detailed methodology.

Highest Paying Jobs At CVS Health FAQs

  1. What is the highest-paid job at CVS Health?

    The highest-paid job at CVS Health is a staff pharmacist. These professionals earn an average salary of $117,179, which works out to about $ 56.34 per hour.

    The top 10 highest-paid jobs at CVS Health are:

    1. Staff Pharmacist$117,179

    2. Photo Laboratory Technician$100,189

    3. Photo Technologist$100,188

    4. Pharmacy Internship$82,700

    5. Assistant Manager$55,699

    6. Store Manager$47,809

    7. Pharmacist Technician$37,111

    8. Shift Supervisor$36,663

    9. Customer Care Representative$35,907

    10. Technician, Inventory Specialist$35,340

  2. What is a good salary at CVS Health?

    A good salary at CVS Health is a salary above $45,310 per year. $45,310 is the average salary at CVS Health, so if you’re earning more than that, you’re typically doing well.

    Of course, $45,310 may still be far too low for some positions, so pay close attention to what the going average is for someone in your role with your skill set and experience level. If you find that you’re being paid less, consider asking for a raise or finding out what you need to do to move into the next pay bracket.

    Your salary may vary by location as well, as CVS Health – like many other companies – often adjusts its payscales to account for differences in the cost of living in different states. For example, the average salary of a CVS Health employee in California will likely be much higher than their counterpart in the midwest.

    Check the average salaries of CVS Health employees in your area to see how your paycheck measures up.

  3. Do jobs at CVS Health pay well?

    No, jobs at CVS Health don’t pay well. The average starting salary at CVS Health is $21,000 a year or $10.10 per hour. The overall average salary at CVS Health is $45,310 per year ($21.78 per hour), which is 1.0 times the average national salary of about $44,225 per year.

    Procare Pharmacy, L.L.C., one of CVS Health’s top competitors, pays its employees an average salary of $64,713 per year or $31.11 per hour. This is about $19,403 more than CVS Health’s average salary, and $9.33 more per hour than CVS Health’s average hourly pay.

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Highest Paying Jobs At CVS Health: Top CVS Health Salaries [2023] - Zippia (2024)
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