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Our CVS Pharmacy store teams build meaningful connections with customers while learning to manage a successful retail store. Every colleague has the opportunity to develop basic customer service and inventory management skills, pursue cross-training in the pharmacy, and ultimately take on increasing responsibility as a leader of others. Our store colleagues go on to pursue enterprise opportunities in Merchandising, Operations, Learning and Development, and Field Leadership, and many other areas. Just bring your heart, and we’ll help with the rest.

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Retail Store Associate

As a Retail Store Associate, you will provide a unique and personal customer experience, focused on friendly interactions and a helpful attitude on the sales floor, at the register, or assisting at the ACO. You’ll also learn how to support operations behind the scenes, stocking store products, updating pricing, and supporting other departments as needed.

You may choose to grow by cross-training as a Pharmacy Technician, or pursuing management as a Shift Supervisor.

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Shift Supervisor Management Trainee

Shift Supervisors enroll in a 12 week, 100+ hour program with on-the-job training in merchandising, inventory control, cash management, loss prevention, and communication. After training, you will be able to help customers with more complex situations, and support store operations.

A Shift Supervisor may choose to progress their career by cross-training as a Pharmacy Tech, or taking on increased responsibility as an Operations Manager.

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Operations Supervisor and Operations Manager

Our Operations Managers train, coach, and supervise store staff, oversee the execution of day-to-day front store inventory and sales management, and champion differentiated customer service with the store team.

You may choose to grow by enrolling in our Store-Manager-In-Training program. Cross-trained Operations Managers may pursue growth in the Pharmacy as a Technician Team Leader.

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Store Manager In Training

In this role, you will be partnered with an experienced Store Manager. You will receive on-the-job training in all aspects of store management, including inventory, merchandising, loss prevention, and building and inspiring high-performing teams.

Upon program completion, you will be promotion-ready, and take on leadership of your own store as market openings allow.

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Pharmacy Technician

Our Pharmacy Techs use their knowledge, skill, and passion to help patients maintain and improve their health. This roles helps Pharmacists safely fill prescriptions, deliver point-of-care testing, and in some cases, train to serve as immunizers.

Levels of increasing responsibility, with paid development along the way, put our Techs on a path to become leaders within the Pharmacy and beyond.

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Beauty Consultant

As a Beauty Consultant, you will assist customers with beauty selections through personal, one-on-one interaction and the sharing of your knowledge and expertise.

You will share the latest beauty trends, products and techniques to provide customers with a positive beauty service experience that meets and exceeds expectations and helps them make the best purchasing decisions.

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Store Manager

As a Store Manager, you’ll manage and operate a CVS Pharmacy store. This is a leadership role where you’ll help drive sales and build relationships with customers. Along with supervising store colleagues, you’ll work closely with each person on training and development, providing feedback and coaching as needed. Customer service excellence will be top priority in every aspect, where you’ll maintain the store appearance and merchandise displays, and ensure colleague’s understanding of current advertising promotions and marketing initiatives.

To become a Store Manager, you must complete the SMIT Program.

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What type of career opportunities are available at CVS Health?

Take a look below to learn about the variety of career growth opportunities that are available.

Field Leadership Roles

District Leader

Use your ability to achieve financial goals through exceptional operational performance. As a District Leader, you’ll develop strategies to increase store sales and meet script goals. You’ll create a talent pipeline for hiring Store and Pharmacy Managers, Pharmacists and interns in your region.

Region Director

Use your ability to achieve financial goals through exceptional operational performance. As a District Leader, you’ll develop strategies to increase store sales and meet script goals. You’ll create a talent pipeline for hiring Store and Pharmacy Managers, Pharmacists and interns in your region.

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Division Vice President

Work in an environment where you’ll collaborate with retail leaders in Store Operations, Logistics, Real Estate, Inventory, Merchandising and Human Resources to help deliver a distinctive service experience for customers and patients in your region. Build business and financial strategies that enhance patient outcomes, customer service, profitability, productivity, efficiency, and colleague engagement across the retail chain.

Human Resources

Field Colleague Trainer

This is an exciting field opportunity to travel within a designated area to conduct colleague training and deliver in-store coaching within the retail store pharmacies. You’ll deliver a standard learning curriculum and program within your region, providing a consistent learning experience and best-in-class customer service training.

Field Training Manager

This is an exciting opportunity to partner with Regional Directors and Human Resource Business Partners to develop the division training strategy for each region. You’ll manage the corporate store training programs, and remotely provide coaching and guidance to the Field Colleague Trainers (FCT).

Human Resources Business Partner

Use your leadership skills to build strong relationships and human resources strategies that positively impact the company. As the HRBP, you’ll partner with other HR centers of excellence and guide the regional team on performance management, organizational effectiveness, talent management, compensation and training/development.

Corporate Roles

Sr. Training Consultant Compliance

In this role, you’ll create, manage and distribute compliance training courses to employees across CVS Health. This includes training new team members on processes and procedures, as well as reviewing/updating existing training materials. You’ll work closely with Training and Development, Learning Technology Group, Legal, HRIS, Audit, IT, and other CVS Health teams and act as a point person to troubleshoot and respond to Compliance training inquiries.

Sr. Layout Consultant

Put your store planning and merchandising skills to work! In this highly engaging role, you’ll develop the fixture and merchandise layouts for all new store, remodel, acquisition and special projects. Act on market knowledge to apply creative merchandising solutions that improve store performance and meet store specific needs. You’ll also develop innovative merchandising solutions for atypical store locations. This includes interpreting architectural plans and elevation drawings to craft merchandising plans that incorporate current CVS merchandising philosophy within complex/multi-level spaces.

Sr. Consultant Store Operations

In this role, you will be the voice of all store and field employees of your designated business area. You’ll collaborate with Customer Support Center departments and Store and Field Management on daily business procedures and the development/execution of new programs. Work with project teams to drive long- and short-term operations-related actions and initiatives, while also evaluating and measuring the effect/impact to the target audience.

Loss Prevention

Asset Protection Coordinator

Be a part of the Loss Prevention Team at your assigned store! As an Asset Protection Coordinator (APC), you’ll help prevent store theft with your attentive customer service skills, and help implement other loss prevention strategies as needed. This is not an undercover position. You’ll wear a store uniform so you can be identified as a CVS colleague.

District Asset Protection Leader

Work in a team environment to build relationships that service both internal and external customers. You’ll implement asset protection programs and provide assistance and training to the field operations teams to address specific asset protection issues. You’ll also work with operational field partners to gather information from reporting tools and identify and analyze trends.

Regional Asset Protection Manager

As a Regional Asset Protection Manager (RAPM), you’ll lead and manage a team of District Asset Protection Leaders. This includes hiring, training and development and performance management to the DAPL teams. While partnering with Regional Directors of Operations, you’ll oversee the asset protection strategies of your region.

Director of Loss Prevention

Use your collaboration skills to provide strategic leadership and direction to the Loss Prevention Team. As the Director of Loss Prevention, you’ll recruit, manage and develop a team within your designated market. Your focus will be to develop and communicate loss prevention strategies that control, protect and minimize exposure to all company assets.

What training opportunities are available?

With an interest in investing in our colleagues, Retail Store Associates across our enterprise experience robust training programs. This includes, but is not limited to, new colleague orientation and on-the-job training opportunities. If you have no prior experience, we offer cross-training opportunities that will help you get started on your new career path.

Shift Supervisor Management Trainee

Shift Supervisors across the company experience an extensive 12 week, 100 hour training program. Some of the trainings include cash management, loss prevention, merchandising and inventory, effective communication and impactful coaching. Also included are ‘On the Job Training’ opportunities. This training program will ensure that you are successful in meeting the every day needs of our colleagues and customers.

Store Manager In Training (SMIT) Program

Your time as a SMIT will vary in length based on your experience. The program is designed to be completed in as little as 12 weeks, while others may take 24 months. This extensive training course is designed to provide a strong foundation to prepare a SMIT to be able to assume supervisory duties and operational control of a store immediately upon promotion into a Store Manager position. During your time as a SMIT, you’ll complete operations and management skills training, and learn about key aspects of the business and CVS Pharmacy culture. This training program must be completed before becoming a Store Manager.

CVS Health is committed to offering continuous development so you can grow professionally and personally.

Check out the career progress of these colleagues.

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Join us and enjoy the rewards of an organization that puts our heart into caring for our colleagues.

Here are a few benefit highlights—and, there’s more to love than listed here. Learn more >

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1. If you work 12+ hours per week.

2. Not available in Puerto Rico.

3. Eligible for holiday, vacation, sick time and paid parental leave if working 30+ hours per week; eligibility for vacation begins after six months and for paid parental leave, after one year.

Eligibility and coverage effective dates may vary by program. See for more information. Union colleagues: See the collective bargaining agreement for eligibility details.

Retail Job Opportunities - CVS Health (2024)
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